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Admin Of This Site
Admin Of This Site
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Important (MUST READ)  Empty Important (MUST READ)

on Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:06 am
Take some time to read this before doing anything else on my website.

This is a forum site where you can sell/trade certain stuff. I will provide certain sections for people to sell stuff. For example: OG Kik's, PSN's Any Instagram @'s etc.
There will be other sections for certain stuff like hacking, programming, android development and so on. study

Be ready to have all the freedom you can. cheers

You have the right to make your own thread and have people comment on it. Very Happy

Make sure you are nice to all users. I don't want to see fighting and drama on this website. Lets make this a positive forum. Also don't forget to have fun and meet new people.


1. Be polite to each user
2. Do not scam and if a user tells me about you scamming, your account will be permanently banned. And I will email each user your email and IP address. So please, be legit so people can vouch for you.
3. Do not post programs that have malware
4. Don't spam users
5. Don't give out any public information about yourself

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